Data-driven speed development to help athletes increase 1-step quickness, acceleration and speed to blow past the opposition.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

In today’s world of sports, speed is something that you either have or you don’t and that is because most coaches don’t really know how to develop pure speed. The thought is if we run enough, then they will get fast. That is like saying if i drive my Ford Focus enough, it will eventually become a Ferrari… it just doesn’t make logical sense.


With our Impulse Speed program, we focus on the major things that athletes need to develop when it comes to building elite speed: technique, acceleration, and deceleration. Each of these 3 components are the primary contributors to elite speed in sports that are not track specific.


Requires an understanding and creating of the proper posture that produces that maximum amount of efficiency. This is where understanding the Law of Conservation of Energy can transform how we build faster athletes.


The ability to optimize your maximum speed in the shortest time possible or in the allotted distance. Isn’t this what all sports really are? All sports are essentially about being able to go as fast as you can in a specific distance or time before you have to stop, change direction or make an athletic move.


The same as acceleration as it relates to physics, but in the world of sport it is the ability to slow the body down, absorb forces greater than the body, and then either change the direction the body is going to go or make an athletic move.

Trevor Kirk
DI baseball player

What our Athlete's Are Saying

My time at the Performance Lab has fundamentally shaped the way I’ve been able to train as an athlete. I’ve been introduced to first class training philosophies, equipment, and recovery methods that are second to none. Drew and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about molding athletes that are able to train and compete at peak condition.
Frank Reed
father of high school baseball athlete

What our Athlete's PARENTS Are Saying

My son worked with Drew for two years for strength and agility on the baseball field. He is going to college on an Army ROTC scholarship and the knowledge of how to care for himself for the rest of his life. Drew and his team does a great job with athletes but the benefits go far beyond the playing field.
David Evans
Father of two lacrosse athletes

What our Athlete's Parents are Saying

Finding the right gym for kids today, is tough and finding the perfect trainer is tougher. Either the gym isn’t suited for youth athletes or the instruction doesn’t fit with the daily needs of kids, teens and high schoolers. Drew Denson and the Performance Lab is the place for ALL youth sports. Drew has refined the art of making youth athletes better not just physically, but mentally as well. The Performance Lab is the total solution to youth speed, strength, balance and confidence.
Stephanie Curci
Mom of a youth football player

What our Athlete's Parents are Saying

Our 12-year-old son has working with Drew for about a year. We could not be more pleased with our son’s athletic progress and growth this past year. Drew is a dedicated trainer who has a vast knowledge of appropriate techniques, skills, and exercises that will help all developing athletes. He has an ability to positively “push” each young athlete to strive to always improve upon themselves and their skill sets. We are so fortunate to have found Drew and to have him coaching our son to realize and develop his full athletic potential.
Ben Bass
Father of 13-year-old baseball pitcher

What our Athlete's Parents Are Saying

My son has been going to Wake Barbell since July 2018. Since this time I have seen him grow not only in strength but also in his confidence. Drew’s leadership and direction for my son has been incredible. He has provided a great training schedule, workout plan and supervised my son the entire way. Drew cares about his members and it shows. He is always in the gym ready to answer questions, give direction, and also show and explain the how and why of a workout. I would highly recommend Drew and Wake Barbell to anyone!
Joe Johnson
Father of 13 and 15-year-old baseball players and Coach of 13U Canes

What our Athlete's Parents Are Saying

I have 2 sons that have been going to the Performance Lab NC of Wake Forest for 9 months. They have seen incremental growth since the first week and you can tell by the naked eye of their noticeable gains. Drew's expert guidance has allowed them to grow and get stronger the right way. Strength training and arm care programs are top notch for young athletes. I have recommended numerous people to the Performance Lab because what he does works for those athletes who want to work hard, get stronger, and improve their performance. I was so impressed that I moved my travel baseball training to his facility for winter workouts. I will continue to use the Performance Lab and everything that comes with it for future training for my 2 sons.
Zane Gilbert
DI football player

What our Athlete's Are Saying

Four years ago I came to Drew with one goal, to play college football. Within my high school years Drew as not only been a phenomenal coach and mentor, but a trustworthy friend that has always wanted the best for me and from me. Looking back, Drew has been with me through the thick and thin, and now I’ve accomplished my goal and am living my dreams.