Elite Coaching Resources for Player and Team Development



In an ever changing landscape in how to evaluate, develop and coach athletes, it can be hard for a coach to know where to turn. There is so much information being dispensed at such a rapid rate it can be difficult to keep up with and utilize it. With all the technology that is being applied from a performance and development standpoint, and with limited budgets and resources, it can be difficult, if not impossible to be able to provide for a team or organization. That is where we want to be a solution for coaches and for teams.

At The Performance Lab, we want to be a front line resource and solution for coaches when it comes to accessing and using technology to evaluate and develop players, for getting information on new ways to engage athletes, and for training that can increase athlete performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

We want to combine the technology, resources, and knowledge we have with the years of experience, game management ability, and knowledge that coaches all across the RDU have to unite with the common goal of helping athletes perform better and achieve their goals.

We want to partner with coaches, teams, and organizations across all sports to help achieve success on all levels. We as a facility exist to deliver elite level training and player development to all who desire to see athletes succeed.

Coaching Resources Include:

  • Performance and Skill Data Analysis for Athlete and Team Evaluations
  • Individual Assessments and Evaluations for Injury Risk Assessment
  • Player Development Resources and Analytics (HitTrax, Blast Motion, Motus Sleeve, Throwing Programs, Pitching Development)
  • High Performance Programs for Strength, Power and Speed Development
  • Recovery Modalities and In-Season Treatment for Athletes (NormaTec, Compex/Marc Pro, Cupping, Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment)
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