The Lab


Semi-Private Training

All of our training is done in small, semi-private groups that are capped so that the athlete who are training can get individual attention throughout their training.


Multi-Generational Training

This means no time slot is off limits due to age restrictions or sport. This allows for athletes to learn and develop alongside kids of different ages and ability levels and it allows parents to get their son or daughter to a time that is convenient for them.


Flex-Training Schedule

This works two ways: One, it allows parents to pick the day and time that works best for their schedule as well as the schedule of their son or daughter. We have many training times to choose from and we are open 7 days a week. Second, our training times are not limited to one hour. Many times we can’t get done all we need to in one hour, so instead of cutting the training off at an hour, we allow the athlete to finish when the athlete needs to finish. This means that we are not rushing through anything and therefore the learning and growth experience can happen as it should.

Training duration is also individualized based on the athlete’s biological and maturity factors. Older athletes can do and handle more, just as more experienced athlete can do more than a new athlete. “We plan to improvise” means that we have a plan in mind, but we let the duration and progress be based on the athlete’s ability to learn and adapt.


Fun and Competitive Environment

Some of the best development comes during competition, but that competition should not be absent of fun and it should also not be absent of regulation. We like to say here that “we want to create a fun and safe environment to fail.” If we are not failing, then we are not pushing the limits of our skill and ability. By creating a fun and competitive environment we allow the athletes to compete in certain skill and ability metrics that push them to try harder and do more. This is where our data-driven development really shines.